zaterdag 14 juni 2014

Concrete Isolation - Bury Me On The Lone Prairie

Harsh Finnish Power Electronics with passages of nice feedback, eerie beats as well as slow dragging parts. As the title suggests, the first track sets your mind in a Western atmosphere, warping the romantic Western thematics to something nihilistic, dirty and perverse. There's an overall desolate feeling to the material, which is also due to the low amount of vocals on this release.

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All Our Lives

dinsdag 14 mei 2013

New releases coming up + distro

2 new tapes will be released in the coming month, more information later.
Gutter Disease will also start doing a small distro. This will not only have Harsh Noise/Power Electronics/Death Industrial, but will also stock Black/Death/... Metal, Grindcore/Noisecore/..., whatever I have an interest in distributing.

dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

A limited amount of the Concrete Cunt C10 + B-Card CDr is now available from TeRRoR / Levas on Discogs. He sells them for €6, same price as all tapes he sells.

zondag 2 september 2012

The Concrete Cunt tape and B-card CDr just got a great review from Heathen Harvest. Read it here!

donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Concrete Cunt

Concrete Cunt is a new Minimalist Harsh Noise/HNW project.
First release Betonkut (C10) will be out soon, distorted sound with little movement, feedback and a dash of vocals. This will be companied by a B-card CDr, entitled Chained Cunt, which is slowly moving HNW.
A sample of the two tracks on the Betonkut tape can be listened here.